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    Collaborative Working

c-suite talk tech

C-suite talk fav tech: Tom Harwood, Aeriandi Ltd

What tech do the c-suite really get excited about?


EU's big tech research projects reach a crossroads

The European Union has fostered a series of initiatives to help researchers and others share technologies

Was IT better before the 90s?

Things were preferable when the ‘Me Generation’ ran closed shops and proprietary systems. Arguably.


Dropbox trades more blows with Box in a fight to the end

Dropbox and Box are trading blows to own the market for cloud file sharing and collaboration


Does RBS's Facebook at Work move the collaboration goalposts?

The Royal Bank of Scotland is making Facebook at Work available to 100,000 staff


Rant: The evils of the collaborative office

Cloud-enabled office software lets us all collaborate more closely… unfortunately


Minority Report UI creator's first collaborative system

Ayesha Salim sees the user interface used in the movie Minority Report in action at the Oblong Industries office in London.


Slack: A worthy email challenger?

Slack, an internal messaging platform is challenging the traditional email model head-on.


Do remote workers need mobile tools to collaborate?

Avinoam Nowogrodski, founder of Clarizen, says collaboration is about getting work done – not just talking about it

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    Collaborative Working

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