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News Roundup: Zuckerberg under the spotlight in Congress

A roundup of the week’s technology news including AR glasses sales, Norway as a ‘datacenter nation’, and politicians hacking politicians.


African response: Seven ways the local datacentre space is booming

An impassioned response to an article IDG Connect published on 9th June


How The Machine from HPE will find its way into your data centre

While this HPE R&D project may never make it into production in its current form it does showcase a raft of new technologies


Seven things to know about datacentre deployment in Africa

A special summit collocated with Datacloud Europe 2017 addressed datacentres in Africa


Behind the (tech) scenes at the Berlinale film festival

We take a look at some of the technology behind the Berlinale film festival


Datacentre entrepreneur spies chance in Newcastle

Irish datacentre serial entrepreneur Noel Meaney has a new venture - in the north-east of England


VMware, author of the private cloud, writes a second act

The inventor of modern virtualisation wants to go again – this time in the public cloud


Virtual Reality to help visualise the data centre

Greg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data answers a few questions about the use of VR to see inside the data centre


Data centres & VR at 2016 Rio Olympics

We talk to Greg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data, about how its data centres are supporting VR at Rio 2016


Apply the 3 Rs to gain Melinda Gates' superpower

Use analytics to create time saving and efficiencies in the data center

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Tableau logo 1 503x480

Data Center

Why visual analytics?

Discover the unexpected; it’s all about the journey. Sounds like the beginning of a travel brochure, right? Well, it fits because visual analytics helps you navigate...

Tableau logo 1 503x480

Data Center

Tableau's Vision on Big Data

We are living in a new era. Data is the key "raw material" driving businesses today, and it is ushering us into the next industrial revolution. New manufacturing...

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Data Center

Designing Great Visualizations

This paper traces the history of visual representation, from early cave drawings through the computer revolution and the launch of Tableau. We will discuss some...

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Data Center

Good enough to be great: A quick guide for better data visualizations

In today’s world, successful decision-making has everything to do with turning data insights into action. And because the goal of data visualization is impact, not...

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Data Center

Top Ten Big Data Trends

Each year at Tableau, we start a conversation about what's happening in the industry. The discussion drives our list of the top big data trends for the following...

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Data Center

Data Storytelling: Using visualization to share the human impact of numbers

Though many elements of stories have remained the same throughout history, we have developed better tools and mediums for telling them, such as printed books, movies,...

Bachersystems and netapp

Data Center

Why Code is Driving Infrastructure Investment

This white paper examines how businesses can move towards DevOps and the next-generation data center.

Default image

Data Center

Who Can Benefit from SAP HANA Database and S/4HANA on Power? (ARABIC)

IT needs diversity and users have often found the hardware environment for SAP HANA has been lacking in choice when it came to processors, performance or the way...

Ibm logo new0740 150x150

Data Center

Who Can Benefit from SAP HANA Database and S/4HANA on Power?

The road to SAP HANA rarely runs smooth, with the struggle to meet customer needs clashing with the demands imposed on the underlying hardware. Previously available...

Ibm logo new0740 150x150

Data Center

Harnessing the potential of SAP HANA with IBM Power Systems

By deploying SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, customers are provided with a choice that enables them to realize the true value of real-time computing. In addition,...

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