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    Data Center Management


Machine learning could unlock the power of 'self-driving' data centres

A look at the potential for machine learning to improve data centres


Tommy Flowers tribute: The great '1.6 million billion' data race

How Tommy Flowers launched today’s data driven world of technology


Top Tips: Boosting data center efficiency

5 tips for boosting data center efficiency in your organisation


London Tech Week: What does the new Russian data law mean?

From 1st September 2015 a new law will mean that the personal data of Russian citizens must be processed via servers located within Russia


Meet the companies changing your data centre

A new IDG Connect special report identifies 12 data centre game changers


EU Takes Aim at Datacentre Power Hogs

A series of European Union programmes address the power consumption of server rooms


Mimecast Chief Swerves 'Frothy' Markets, Plays a Long Game

Peter Bauer, CEO of the UK document archiving company, is not joining the rush to float


Microsoft's Red Cloud Rising and the Problems of Chinese JVs

The US’s latest security report warns firms about Redmond’s Chinese cloud offerings


Snowden Effect May Hurt Demand for US Cloud Datacentres

Revelations about NSA could create demand for business in other regions of the Americas. In the last of three reports on datacentre location economics, Nick Booth...


The Renaissance of Compliance

Scott Whitney, vice president of products at Actiance discusses the growing role of information governance in the financial services industry and the enterprise...

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    Data Center Management

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