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GDPR may force businesses to recycle e-waste

Enterprises need convincing that tackling the growing electronic waste problem is worth it


12 technologies that can extend Moore's Law

What next for computing after silicon?


How technology will help Latin America to feed the world

Brazil’s food production will be boosted by technology that makes for smarter farming


The 'Hybrid Home': Why we should initiate this concept now

This contributed piece addresses how this green initiative will also help consumers


Apple steps up environmental efforts in China

The company's assembly sites are keeping waste out of landfills, and its suppliers are moving toward renewable energy.


The 'big bad data police' will call if we don't get more efficient

Why digital growth and energy efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive


Whatever happened to the paperless office?

Paper consumption is expected to double in the next 14 years as the technology industry is still ‘pulling up trees’


The Iceberg Matrix: Brainstorming climate change 2040

We look at a Scenario Planning report that addresses the future


Epson's 10 year plan involves making you more eco-friendly

Japanese giant want an environmentally-friendlier world with more robots.


How IoT is vital for the ecological future of the connected planet

This contributed piece from Gemalto looks at how the Internet of Things can help the planet

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