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Gemini PDA: will professionals favour the scion of Psion?

The PDA gets a reboot with a new device focused on the keyboard for text-heavy mobile users


Sony's Xperia Touch and the fine line between genius and dud

It can be hard to distinguish between the “insanely great” ideas and daft concepts

c-suite talk tech

C-Suite Talk Fav Tech: Eddie Sheehy, Nuix

Eddie Sheehy avoids social media because he values his privacy.


Bamboo Spark - A digital notepad for people who love pen & paper

This nifty device translates pen scribbles to digital pretty well, but does anyone really need it?


TAG Heuer's move into tech is no revolution

The Swiss company is unlikely to cause waves in the traditional watch industry.


Ghost story: Ada Lovelace & the grisly Halloween brain hack

An unnecessarily macabre ghost story starring Ada Lovelace


Selfie world: Do smartphones make us vainer?

We look at the now weirdly normal world of selfie taking and what it is doing to us


Microsoft Cardboard - late to the VR party

As MS joins the DIY Virtual Reality bandwagon, is it too late to create a Windows-branded buzz?


Fairphone launch in London to bring ethical electronics to the capital

The launch of Fairphone 2 aims to highlight where our electronics come from


Augmented Reality: Consumers, gorillas and unicorns

Ori Inbar of discusses the future of AR and smartglasses.

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