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InfoShot: Most blacklisted mobile apps

New Appthority report finds Android apps are blocked because of malware, iOS because of sharing too much info.


The rise of Lite apps: Why lightweight mobile apps are growing in popularity

Lite apps are the best route for companies to reach the billions of people who don’t have 4G and the latest iPhone.


Enterprises aren't slaking employee thirst for mobile apps

Staff want apps but firms aren’t delivering them


Can we stop with all the Snapchat clones?

Three multi-billion dollar companies, 20+ attempts to copy Snapchat.


Saatchi Gallery: Is a Rembrandt self-portrait in a digital screen really a selfie?

New Huawei sponsored selfie exhibition opens at London’s Saatchi gallery


Will Snap crack after its IPO pop?

The Snapchat maker has a market cap of over $30bn but the battle for stickiness never ends

against-fake-news founder Martin Stiksel's Lumi targets 'fake news' pioneered music discovery and now its founder is using a similar approach for reading


How Spain's Cabify has made Latin America the centre of its business

Insight into Cabify’s growth strategy across Latin America

Alteryx platform blends data sets to predict US election result by zip code

We take a look at Alteryx’s “Decision 2016 Presidential Election application”


App Annie CEO charts tactics for App Economy success

Bertrand Schmitt’s App Annie is winning fame and favour by unpicking the ways to make money from apps

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Keri Allan looks at the latest trends and technologies


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