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    Project Management and Collaboration


How big is the market for solving pointless "work about work"?

A chat with the co-founder of productivity tool Asana and wider look at the growth of project management software


From SharePoint to Yammer: What's the best social software solution?

Read real users’ feedback on enterprise social software solutions courtesy of IT Central Station


Project Management: The beachhead to true workplace collaboration

For all the workplace apps, Clarizen’s David Goulden argues project management techniques might be the answer to productivity


Rant: Government IT projects - the gift that keeps on giving

If you want to know how to do it right, study a government IT project carefully - then do the exact opposite


Rant: The evils of the collaborative office

Cloud-enabled office software lets us all collaborate more closely… unfortunately


Dropbox unleashes 'universal app' for Windows phones and tablets

Early this year, Dropbox released its cloud storage service on Windows phones and tablets, and on Tuesday the company followed up with a universal app that fleshes...


Rolling Out SAP to Brazil - Key Steps and Challenges

How to navigate the tricky waters of legislation, regulation and culture, and achieve success with enterprise software projects.


Why Every Employee Needs to be a Project Manager

The world of project management is in transition


Why Do IT Projects Fail? The Curse of Optimism

Always look on the bright side of life, except when working on major IT projects.


Oracle CEO Larry Ellison set to launch in-memory database option

Oracle could be gearing up to make an anticipated in-memory computing option for its flagship 12c database generally available after hyping it for the better part...

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    Project Management and Collaboration

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