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CA CEO: On innovation, playing it safe is the riskiest thing a company can do

CA chief exec Mike Gregoire outlines his vision for how companies should embrace software-driven innovation.


Commvault sets sights on becoming an analytics provider

Commvault CEO Bob Hammer talks digital transformation and Commvault’s role.


GitHub CEO: "The future of coding is no coding at all"

On the eve of celebrating its first 10 years, GitHub outlines where the next 10 could go.


Are tech companies responsible for IT-driven social change?

Technology enterprises rather than governments may have to take the lead when it comes to ethical social change


Is 'intent-based networking' the next big thing?

Last week’s NetEvents press and analyst summit in Silicon Valley included a big focus on intent-based networking – but is it really the next big thing?


VMware interview: If virtualisation continues, what will the future look like?

Richard Bennett from VMware talks future technology becoming mundane, self-driving cars, Patient as a Service healthcare and IoT at the edge


4 takeaways from Re:Work's Deep Learning Summit

Probability and efficiency behind the scenes, emotional awareness and omnipresence at the front.


Will AI-based automation see humanity reach its own 'peak horse' moment soon?

Automation is coming, and no one is sure what the answers are.


Quiz of the week: 9th June

Test your knowledge of the week’s tech news

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