IDG Connect Law offers marketers access to our extensive database of over 200,000 legal professionals. Plus it provides an information library for legal practitioners in both corporate and private practice, with a wider spectrum of focused, classified content, which includes:

  • Legal briefings
  • Case studies
  • Upcoming events
  • Webinars and discussions
  • Research

Content is updated regularly, and sourced from some of the profession's most respected subject experts.

Building Presence

IDG Connect Law delivers the perfect foundation for lead generation and hosting campaigns based on the concept of leveraging the expertise of legal firms.

In addition to capturing the details of those who have downloaded content, and thus identifying individuals with a specific interest in that matter, by using Connect's Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing programs, law firms can build focused marketing campaigns aimed at specific individuals within target client organizations.

Our high editorial standards ensure that all information on IDG Connect Law comes from the most respected legal practitioners in the matters covered. This gives the site both credibility and interest, and it is already enjoying a strong and regular following from legal professionals.

Select Clients

IDG Connect Law is gaining rapid acceptance as a primary resource for guidance on complex legal issues for corporate executives in both managerial and operational legal roles, such as:

  • Regional Directors
  • Chief Legal Officers
  • Company Secretaries
  • Compliance Officers
  • Country Managers
  • CEOs

IDG Connect can provide detailed analyses of their interests and concerns, as well as their propensity to change, through our extensive and ongoing research programs.

Commercial Opportunities

With a rapidly growing subscriber base, IDG Connect Law provides a very cost-effective channel for reaching out to potential clients.

In addition to hosting your own generated content, IDG Connect provides a range of cost-effective commercial opportunities to legal practices and IT software vendors seeking to expand their profile and attract new clients:

  • Creating original content
  • Producing Videos
  • Lead Generation
  • Content mapping
  • Lead Nurturing

Contact Us

IDG Connect has offices in the US and UK. Please contact us using the details below:

US sales
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International sales
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Our Case Studies

IDG Connect delivers full creative solutions to meet all your demand generation needs. These cover the full scope of options, from customized content and lead delivery through to fully integrated campaigns.


Our Research

Our in-house analyst and editorial team create a range of insights for the global B2B technology community. These look at the latest IT trends and other zeitgeist topics.



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