Value-Added Services

IDG Connect's global editorial and analyst network means we can offer expertise on virtually any technology-related need. Contact sales for more information.

A more comprehensive list of services we can offer includes:

Keynote speakers and moderators to add gravitas to your event

Content consulting to make your copy sing

Media training so executives learn how best to deal with interviews and opportunities to comment

Messaging workshops to create a strong, consistent voice for your company

By-line article drafting to give you an authoritative, opinionated take on what's going on in the world

Case studies that let the world know what you can do and how you do it

Speechwriting with all the text and presentation aids so your address is a success

Translations to ensure you can address the world in any language

Account-based marketing consulting and training on how to initiate an ABM program

What have we missed out? Contact our sales team for any additional needs.

Contact Us

IDG Connect has offices in the US and UK. Please contact us using the following information:

  • UK Sales
  • +44 1784 210363
  • US Sales
  • + 1 508 766 5682

International office

  • Friendship House
  • 49/ 51 Gresham Road
  • Staines
  • Middlesex
  • TW18 2BF
  • UK

US office

  • 492 Old Connecticut Path
  • Suite 311
  • Framingham
  • MA01701
  • USA

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This document contains a complete overview of our expertise and details how we can help you.